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China's water treatment market will enter a "golden growth period.

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China's water treatment market will enter a "golden growth period.
Latest company news about China's water treatment market will enter a "golden growth period.

According to the monitoring, the groundwater in most cities of China is polluted by point and surface pollution to some extent, and it is becoming more and more serious year by year. The increasingly serious water sludge not only reduces the use function of water body, further aggravates the contradiction of water resource shortage, and brings serious influence to the sustainable development strategy being implemented in China, but also seriously threatens the drinking water safety of urban residents and the health of the people.

Sewage treatment plant bid transformation industry ushered in a major development opportunities

During the 12th five-year plan period, with the upgrading of sewage treatment plants, the continuous improvement of water treatment and water supply scale, as well as the increase of sludge treatment and reuse ratio of reclaimed water, the water treatment industry will welcome a large number of development opportunities. It can be generally reflected in the following four aspects:

First of all, there are A large number of sewage treatment projects that have been built or are under construction. The state has stricter requirements on the effluent quality of sewage treatment plants, from grade B to grade A, and many existing sewage treatment plants need to be upgraded. Second, the annual sewage treatment capacity in the 12th five-year plan will reach 50 billion cubic meters, and provincial capitals and prefecture-level cities are still the focus of construction. There are 379 cities with construction needs during the 12th five-year plan period. Third, with the continuous increase of urban population, there is a need for new construction and expansion of water purification plants in China. At the same time, the "12th five-year plan" also raised the standards cited, from 35 to 106.

Finally, according to the requirements of national energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of low-carbon economy, urban sewage treatment will focus on pollutant emission reduction, and sludge treatment and sewage recycling will become a new hot spot of industry development. China's water treatment market will be in a "golden growth period" for a long time to come. However, there are still some problems in sewage treatment in China.

Sewage treatment plant renovation

High sewage discharge and low sewage treatment rate

The reporter found that in 2010, China's total sewage discharge reached 61.7 billion cubic meters, according to China's daily treatment capacity of 139 million cubic meters, only 82.2 percent of the sewage discharge.

Processing efficiency and processing ability, meanwhile, there is a certain gap, according to the | 139 million cubic meters of daily processing capacity, in the second quarter of China's sewage treatment capacity of 12.649 billion cubic meters, the notification is shown in the second quarter of the total sewage treatment was only about 10.356 billion cubic meters, there are still 2.293 billion cubic meters of processing efficiency for failing to fully release.

According to relevant people, after years of development, although China's sewage treatment capacity has been improving year by year, it cannot be ignored that, under the macro situation of continuous growth of national sewage discharge, China's sewage discharge and treatment capacity is far from enough. On the one hand, the daily sewage treatment capacity in China cannot meet the amount of sewage to be treated. On the other hand, the sewage treatment industry has the problem of low capacity utilization, so that every year a large number of untreated sewage flows into the water to pollute the water environment.

Management model needs to be improved

There are many cities that are only scratching the surface of wastewater treatment plants in pursuit of a good water record. Due to the high operation cost of the whole set of equipment, many sewage treatment plants only open the equipment to deal with the inspection of superior leaders, leading to the phenomenon of false operation of equipment more hidden deeper. As a result, although the final data show the amount of sewage treatment up, treatment rate also increased, but the fact is not the case.

The large-scale construction of China's urban sewage treatment plants began in 1998. According to statistics from the ministry of construction, from 2000 to 2004, China added more than 24 million tons of urban sewage treatment capacity, which is the total of more than 50 years since the founding of new China.

Almost every one of these sewage treatment plants is supported by tens of millions of yuan of free national debt, and some local governments hold the state's money "no use for nothing" mentality. From the point of view of the main investor, it is the local water company ostensibly, but actually the local government, because the loans of the water company, especially the loans offset by equipment, are still the financial guarantee in the end, and the water company is also 100% state-owned company.


Under such investment and construction management system, some local governments, in order to strive for projects and make achievements, often resort to fraud and cheat the approval of higher authorities. As for the normal operation of sewage plants after completion, it is not considered.

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