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Wear Resistant 25KW 300L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank

Wear Resistant 25KW 300L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank

  • Wear Resistant 25KW 300L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank
Wear Resistant 25KW 300L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu Sunrise
Brand Name: Jiangsu Sunrise
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: CZFJ
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Mooden Box
Delivery Time: 30 day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 unit 30day
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Detailed Product Description
Model: CZFJ Height: 6.7m
Total Height: 10.5m Diameter: 6m
Floor Area: 6*8㎡ Total Installed Power: 57kw
Running Power: 25kw Total Weight: 30T
High Light:

300L Rendering Plant Machinery


300L stainless steel fermentation tank


25KW stainless steel fermentation tank

Fermentation Tank,Model Is CZFJ,Rendering Plant Machine,Total Installed Power Is 57 Kw


Our Machine's Introduction:
Our poultry waste rendering process line machine owns the characters as followed:
Full-automatic control, instant handling speed, thorough sterilizing effect, scientific and environmentally protective process,100% free from extraneous odor and no second pollution. The output material will bring high profit both in the society and economy. It’s the most popular and approved handling style internationally.


Fermentation tank refers to a device used in industry for microbial fermentation. The main body is generally a main cylinder made of stainless steel, with a volume ranging from 1m³ to hundreds of m³. In the design and processing, the structure should be tight and reasonable. It can withstand steam sterilization, has a certain degree of flexibility, minimizes internal accessories (to avoid dead ends), has strong material and energy transfer performance, and can be adjusted to facilitate cleaning and reduce pollution. It is suitable for the production of a variety of products and reduce energy Consumption.

The structure of the fermentation tank used for anaerobic fermentation (such as the production of alcohol and solvent) can be relatively simple. Fermentation tanks used for aerobic fermentation (such as the production of antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, etc.) need to continuously pass a large amount of sterile air into the tank, and to consider the utilization rate of the air, the structure of the fermentation tank is relatively Complicated, commonly used are mechanically stirred fermentation tanks, bubbling fermentation tanks and airlift fermentation tanks. The fermentation process of dairy products and wine is a sterile and pollution-free process. The fermentation tank adopts a sterile system to avoid and prevent the contamination of microorganisms in the air, which greatly extends the shelf life and purity of the product. Designed and installed aseptic breathing stomata or aseptic positive pressure fermentation system. The tank body is provided with a Milo plate or a labyrinth-type jacket, and heating or cooling medium can be passed in for circulating heating or cooling. The capacity of the fermentation tank is from 300-15000L in many different specifications. Fermentation tanks can be divided into laboratory small-scale fermentation tanks, pilot production fermentation tanks, large-scale fermentation tanks, etc. according to the scope of use. Fermentation tanks are widely used in dairy products, beverages, biological engineering, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other industries. The tank body is equipped with interlayer, insulation layer, heating, cooling, and insulation. The tank body and the upper and lower filling heads (or cones) are processed by spinning R angles. The inner wall of the tank is mirror-polished, so there are no sanitary dead corners. The fully enclosed design ensures that the materials are always mixed and fermented in a pollution-free state. Equipment is equipped Air breathing hole, CIP cleaning nozzle, manhole and other devices. Classification of fermentation tanks: According to the equipment of the fermentation tank, it is divided into mechanical stirring and ventilation fermentation tank and non-mechanical stirring and ventilation fermentation tank; According to the growth and metabolism of microorganisms, it is divided into aerobic fermentation tank and anaerobic fermentation tank. Fermentation tank is a kind of equipment for mechanically stirring and fermenting materials. The equipment adopts an internal circulation method, using a stirring paddle to disperse and break air bubbles, it has a high dissolved oxygen rate and a good mixing effect. The tank body is made of SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel, and the tank is equipped with an automatic spray cleaning head to ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements.

The height of the tank is 6.7m, the total height is 10.5m, the diameter is 6m, and it covers an area of 6m*8m
Total installed power 57KW, operating power 25KW, total weight 30T
The daily processing capacity is 8-10m³ (80-100,000 chickens), the treatment requires a moisture content of 60%, the moisture content of the output is about 35%, and the output of finished products: 3-4m³.


Wear Resistant 25KW 300L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank 0

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