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6000mm Height 3.24m2 11Kw Rendering Plant Machinery

6000mm Height 3.24m2 11Kw Rendering Plant Machinery

  • 6000mm Height 3.24m2 11Kw Rendering Plant Machinery
6000mm Height 3.24m2 11Kw Rendering Plant Machinery
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu Sunrise
Brand Name: Jiangsu Sunrise
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: CZXD-1800
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Mooden Box
Delivery Time: 30 day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 unit 30 day
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Detailed Product Description
Model: CZXD-1800 Diameter: 1800mm
Height: 6000mm Material: Stainless Steel
Power: 11kw Shipping Size: 1800*6000mm
Shipping Weight: 900kg Area: 3.24㎡
High Light:

6000mm height Rendering Plant Machinery


11Kw Rendering Plant Machinery


3.24m2 Rendering Plant Machinery

Model is CZXD-1800 Power Is 11 Kw  Rendering Plant Machinery


The chemical scrubber is an effective way to deal with odor problems caused by volatile organic compound (VOCs). Normally sized to treat 6-8 times the volume of air inside a building or other enclosed space, and to repeat this 6-8 times an hour.

Undesirable odors form rendering operations are mainly the result of degradation of proteins from raw materials producing gases as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and volatile organic compounds( VOCs) such as amines, mercaptans, aldehydes, ketones, organic sulfides, etc. This results in complex mixture of odorous effluents in low concentrations.


Introduction of scrubber:

   The scrubber consists of a tower body, trays, reboiler and condenser. The reboiler is normal during use It is heated by steam, and the condenser uses circulating water to conduct heat. Before use, a balance should be established, that is, the purer product components are introduced, and the vapor and condensed water are used to adjust their evaporation and return flow, so that they can accumulate a certain thickness of liquid on the tray.

   When the mixed gas components are introduced, Can quickly play a role in washing. In the process of use, it is necessary to control a few points such as a liquid level, two temperatures and two pressure differences. That is, scrubber liquid level, gas inlet temperature, tower top temperature, pressure difference between towers (the difference between the scrubber inlet pressure and the tower top pressure), and the condenser pressure difference (the difference between the tower top and the condenser outlet pressure). Generally speaking, the higher the gas inlet temperature, the better, which can prevent the solidification or liquefaction of impurities from entering the scrubber, but it should not be too high to prevent the system from being difficult to control due to the high temperature.

   While controlling the temperature, it is also necessary to ensure the gas flow rate, that is, the inlet pressure should not be too small, so that the dust can enter the scrubber. After the mixed gas is passed into the scrubbing tower, part of the gas will condense into liquid and stay in the tower kettle. Adjust the temperature of the reboiler to evaporate the liquid upward, and then adjust the condenser to return the liquid to the tray to form an equilibrium. Since there is a certain thickness of liquid on the trays, there will be a certain pressure difference between the scrubber towers. When adjusting the reboiler and condenser, the pressure difference should be kept as constant as possible to form a balance. When adjusting the temperature at the top of the tower, it is necessary to prevent the temperature from being too high to vaporize or sublime the impurities into a gas without washing, but the condensation temperature should not be too low to prevent the product liquid from accumulating in the condenser and affecting the use.

   While paying attention to the above points, it is also necessary to use a reboiler to adjust the liquid level of the scrubber. In order to prevent the concentration of impurities in the tower kettle liquid from being too high, it should be allowed to rise slowly.

Model CZXD-1800
diameter 1800mm
height 6000mm
material stainless steel
power 11kw
shipping size 1800*6000mm

6000mm Height 3.24m2 11Kw Rendering Plant Machinery 0

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